What is it?

"Refactoring Python Code" is a refactoring course that will help you to write better, more readable code. It'll consist of a book, a series of videos and of tens of exercises that will help you become proficient in refactoring. The course will be available some time in late 2021.

Who, what and why?

Hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ» I'm Gregory, I'm a software developer, engineering manager, and content creator based in Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Some time ago I was looking for some content about refactoring that could help me refresh my memory and that would show techniques and idioms that are specific to Python🐍 , a language that I've been using at work. I could not find anything that I'd be fully happy with, so I decided to create it instead and now I'm writing a book and creating a video course! ✍🏻

As many people, I tend to abandon started projects, so in order to complete and release this one, I decided to make a public commitment to finish it. On this page I'm going to track my progress and over time add more information about the project.

Book content

The working title of the book is "Refactoring Python Code" and it will cover following topics:

Additional content

Learning practical aspects of programming is not very effective if it's limited to reading. That's why besides the book I'm creating more content:

Follow/contact me

I don't have a newsletter (yet?), but you can contact me, follow updates on my book and see other content I create on following channels: